Business Network Cabling

Get your network and workstations up and running in a flash.

Our business cabling service will give you the network cabling, voice and data capabilities, and security needed to stay ahead of the competition.

Whether moving locations or expanding your offices, NetWiz is here to give you the highest level of support.

Business Network Cabling

Customized to fit the specific needs of each business owner.


Focus on your core business and leave the IT tasks to the experts.


Get the support you need to scale and grow your business.

NetWiz Computers has over 35 years of experience providing lightning-fast IT support for business owners in Orange County.


"We have worked with NetWiz Computers for several years. They have always shown to be professional and very responsive..."

Monica Alvarez


"Thank you Netwiz Computers and Joseph for helping all of my emergency situations!! Everything from my phone system rewiring, to X-ray room network cables….THANK YOU!!"

Neha Patel

Bob Harding

"Had many IT Services Companies in the past. None of them compare to the outstanding service that Joe Salazar of Netwiz Computers has given my company."

Robert Harding

Setup your network and workstations

You've just moved into a new office or you're ready to upgrade your current location and you need to set up your network.

It can be difficult to get your business up and running if you don't have a reliable network. You'll waste valuable time trying to troubleshoot connections and setting up workstations.

NetWiz's business cabling solution is perfect for businesses that are moving or want to upgrade their outdated network cabling system. With our voice and data cabling services, we can install a new network in no time at all.

Setup office workstations

What is included in business cabling services?

Cabling services are designed to create a secure, reliable connection between different components of your network system. This involves setting up cables that connect anything from computers, phones, printers, and other data communication equipment. Depending on your needs, there is an array of options available. Our professional cabling technician will know which types of cabling solutions are best suited for your particular business requirements.

Business network cables
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If we are moving your network and workstations, we will ensure that everything is packed in static-free packaging and labeled. This step will reduce any downtime that you may experience while your network and workstations are in transit to the new location.

Once the cabling is complete, it’s time for workstation setup services. During this process, a technician will configure the networking hardware for each individual device or computer within your system. This may include setting up IP addresses so that all devices can communicate with one another across the network.

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Why Choose Netwiz Computers

With over 35 years of experience installing, maintaining, and configuring both wired and wireless networks, Netwiz Computers is the perfect choice to ensure a successful move. We provide workstation setup solutions that are designed to maximize the productivity and efficiency of an office or organization. Our solutions include the installation and configuration of computers, peripherals, printers, and more.

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Reduce downtime during your next move

How does IT support work

Don’t get bogged down in managing the complexities of setting up and moving networks, workstations, and cabling. Leave it to us! Our team is experienced in providing complete business cabling solutions for voice and data. We will handle all packing, moving, setup and installation with minimal disruption to your daily operations.

Working with NetWiz Computers eliminates worry about coordinating orders, suppliers, and deliveries – we take care of that for you! And our specialized technicians are experts at testing the system so everything works like clockwork when moved into its new environment.

How much does
business cabling cost?

Business cabling services can vary depending on the type of setup or equipment needed. Items such as the number of workstations, if you're moving or expanding offices, and what type of cabling you require must all be taken into consideration when evaluating cost. A professional at NetWiz Computer can help determine your needs and costs.

Don't go at it alone. Hire professionals who are committed to providing top-quality service.

For businesses looking for reliable network installations or workstation setups without having to worry about performing tasks themselves, hiring a professional service like NetWiz Computers should be strongly considered due to our expertise in this area and dedication to providing the best service with minimal disruptions or delays in productivity levels for businesses.